Pizza Dog History

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I saved the best for last, so be sure to see the one on the bottom!

Pizza Dog History of Me

I will start off this Pizza Dog History with a PDH of Me!

Pizza Dog History of Me

As you can clearly see in this video, I am the Pizza Dog, eating a Pizza at Pizza Dog History Headquarters.

Pizza Dog History of Cousin Hyper

As you will soon find out in the PDH, all Pizza Dogs are cousins. Likewise we follow The Eleventh Rule of a Pizza Eating Dog.

Anyway, here is Hyper in a Pizza Eating Frenzy in the History books of the PDH!

Pizza Dog History of Drugged Hyper

As you can clearly see in this Pizza Dog History video, Cousin Hyper, eating a Pizza at PDH Headquarters.

Pizza Dog History of Sgt. Rott and Sgt. Weiler of Seal Team Six

The PDH found out that Seal Team Six members Sgt. Rott and Sgt. Weiler are two of the meanest Pizza killing machines on the Earth

Here, recorded for you by the PDH staff, is an encounter a friendly pizza had with Rott and Weiler who just tore him apart.

Pizza Dog History of Sgt. Rott and Sgt. Weiler Seal Team Six

You may notice the Pizza Dog History staff stayed behind bars in this video.
We did not want a chance encounter with Sgt. Rott and Sgt. Weiler in this cruel torture.
This is NOT at PDH Headquarters.

Pizza Dog History of Killer, Who Wants to be Called "Dorthy"

Killer is actually the younger brother of Sgt. Rott and Sgt. Weiler, whom the PDH staff already profiled.

The PDH staff discovered that Killer is actually gay, and he now prefers to be called Dorthy.

History of "Dorthy" at Pizza Dog History

In a shocking discovery, it was revealed to the Pizza Dog History reporter, that Killer actually does not eat real pizza most of the time, preferring the dainty pizza crackers instead.

The PDH staff also uncovered that "Dorthy" likes to play with little girls, as we were able to capture on this video. After being around him/her, we were all glad to be back at the PDH Headquarters. How can you trust someone who won't eat a good old American pizza?

Pizza Dog History of Officer Gillis, a K9 Police-"Man"?

As this exclusive PDH shows, Officer Gillis is always aware of his surroundings.

History of Officer Gillis, a K9 Police at Pizza Dog History

The PDH staff learned from an anonymous tip that Officer Gillis was previously a simple guard dog, which may account for his awareness skills.

In an unprecedented announcement the Pizza Dog History reporter learned that Officer Gillis will soon be given a promotion. Good luck from the PDH team!

Pizza Dog History of Minnie, a guilty pizza thief!

In this exclusive PDH team video, Minnie a small pizza stealing dog is caught in the act of eating pizza right out of the box.

History of Minnie, small time thief, at Pizza Dog History

As we reviewed this tape at PDH Headquarters, the PDH reporter "Smell My PDH Crack" noted how guilty Minnie looked when she was caught. Play the PDH exclusive tape again and see if you can catch the guilty look also.

Pizza Dog History i-reporter informed us that Minnie may be a close relative of Extreme Pete (video below), who used to be a cat burglar (Pete only stole from cats!).

Pizza Dog History of Extreme Pete, a former Cat Burglar!!

History of Extreme Pete, a former Cat Burglar at Pizza Dog History

Extreme Pete declined an interview with the Pizza Dog History. However, there are many allegations that he is helping Minnie, small time (and small size) pizza thief. Previously PDH staff reported that Extreme Pete was a cat burglar (Pete only stole from cats!). However, Officer Gillis, his cousin, believes he is innocent and has gone straight as his performance earnings are enough to buy his own pizza now. Nonetheless, Pete and Minnie are reported to be related as they both have a "Pet Agree!" Likewise, they even look as though they could be brother and sister. In the videos you will notice they are both white - conclusive proof!

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