Spanish Pizza Dog

Comercial Pizza Dog
Commercial Pizza Dog

This is a Spanish Commercial about a business called Pizza Dog! It is pretty cool even if you only speak English. The last scene is funny in any language.

"The Pizza Dog Commercial"

me and my friends made this for school, and I just wanted to share this :)

mis amigas y yo hicimos esto para la prepa, y solo querĂ­a compartir esto :)

Pizza Dog History of Oscar the Boxer

I have always believed that an Oscar was a kind of fish. Turns out that Oscar is a boxer!

Anyway, Oscar hangs out with cousin Hyper in a Pizza Eating Frenzy in the History books of the Pizza Dog History!

Pizza Dog History of a Boxer named Oscar, the friend of Hyper!

As you can see at the end of this video, being a boxer can make you a little punchy, especally after the pizza is gone.

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